About Borrowed

Borrowed makes it easy to borrow and lend everyday items with your community.

Borrowed was founded by people who are deeply passionate about consuming less and reducing waste - for people who believe in the value of a sharing economy. Borrowed offers communities an alternative means to buying through the simple act of borrowing and lending.

At Borrowed, we envision a world where people can seamlessly connect with others in their community to borrow and lend everyday items. Borrowed unlocks new economic opportunities by allowing users to lend items they already own and then keep 100% of their listed price. With Borrowed, the borrower also wins as it removes monetary barriers to ensure everyday items are easily accessible to those who need them.

Our Core Values:

  1. Enforce Sustainability: Leave the world in a better place by reducing our waste, over consumption and supporting our community for short-term item needs.
  2. Enable Convenience: Focus on simplicity, accessibility, and affordability, by making it easier to borrow than to buy.
  3. Encourage Accessibility: Make experiences accessible to all, so that cost is never an issue.
  4. Ensure Trust: Have full confidence in our trusted and secure platform when you borrow and lend items with us.

Our Founders

Borrowed was co-founded by highly accomplished entrepreneurs who are all leaders in their respective fields having worked across Big Tech like Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Krystle-Jayne Ng, Chief Executive Officer

Krystle-Jayne Ng is the Chief Executive Officer and finds joy in bringing people together, nurturing their potential and leading teams to exceed expectations by achieving significant business outcomes. This ability has served Krystle well at Microsoft, where she was promoted seven-times in seven years, with her most recent promotion to Director of Cloud Solution Architecture. As an award-winning technology executive, Krystle brings a wealth of experience in sales leadership, people management and operational efficiency, which makes her well equipped to run the sales and operations functions of Borrowed. Krystle comes from a technology background, with her undergraduate in Information Technology, a Master of Science in Technology Management from Columbia University, and a current MBA Candidate for the Yale School of Management. Bringing the founders together, Krystle is excited to see Borrowed pioneer the sharing economy and help build a sustainable future.

Ryan DiCicco, Chief Financial/Product Officer

Ryan DiCicco is the Chief Financial/Product Officer and brings a diverse background to this concept. He learned the importance of obsessing over the user experience early on and how to develop quantitative customer listening and measurement systems for complex businesses. Ryan Initially came from a finance and supply chain management background but has since developed an affinity for bridging business goals and product outcomes.  Ryan Is also a Product Manager at Google where he owns sales platforms which facilitate billions of dollars In Cloud revenue.   He was previously at Microsoft where he oversaw an internal platform used to generate financial models for B2B deals across the company’s product portfolio.  He also spent time working on consumer monetization through ad optimization, supply chain analytics, and customer experience machine learning programs.  With this experience and more, he Is a great addition to the team and is excited to make Borrowed a reality. 

Calvin Cheng, Chief Technology Officer

Calvin Cheng is the Chief Technology Officer and is well versed in architecture design, deployment of services and scalability of a business. Currently, he works at Google as a Sales Engineer acting as a Technology Strategist for his customers. His whole career has been directly partnering with customers helping them realize the benefits of cloud computing. Prior to joining Google, Calvin was a Field Engineer for Microsoft for five years where he often had the ear of customer pain points and was able to translate disjointed customer requirements into feasible engineering solutions. Calvin comes from an engineering background and has always had a deep enjoyment for figuring out how things work. His passion for his job stems from his drive to serve others and providing the best customer experience which he aims to bring to the Borrowed team. 

Marcella P. Arthur, Chief Marketing Officer

Cella Arthur has spent more than two decades leading the global marketing practice of several technology and security innovators, including Microsoft, Mimecast, and Websense - achieving remarkable career milestones inclusive of two successful IPOs and six exits. An entrepreneur at heart, Cella is a passionate marketing executive who specializes in working closely with sales and channel teams in developing proven go-to-market strategies that are growth motivators and forward-looking. Having completed several tours of duty alongside many of the same sales leaders, Cella is a ‘sales first’ marketer who sees herself more as a C(r)MO versus CMO due to her commitment to developing a marketing motion that facilitates revenue and repeatability, while ensuring that sales support and enablement are woven intrinsically into the go-to-market. Cella serves on several boards and participates on CMO panels and groups, while leading the go-to-market strategy for Borrowed. An avid foodie and accomplished diver, when not at work, Cella can be found exploring the world, its oceans and eateries.